About the 3 restaurants

At Café Esmeralda you can experience a cozy atmosphere and rustic café dishes with plenty of flavor, which have been our heart since 2007. We focus on ecology, animal welfare and use only the freshest ingredients in our dishes, which are served by our super team.

At Esme Lounge you can taste your way through Southern Europe with our authentic dishes inspired by our own travels to Italy, Greece and Spain. Our small, intimate restaurant is full of coziness and a special Esme vibe.

Last but not least, Pascucci offers quality coffee made from the finest beans, roasted in Italy. Our small, intimate coffee shop has been treating coffee enthusiasts for more than a decade with coffee that has Italian roots right in the heart of Nuuk. We stand behind all three eateries and work to give our guests a holistic experience, with warm and friendly service.

Environmental friendliness

We are aware of the environmental impact and work purposefully to reduce our climate footprint.
When you order takeaway from us, we use environmentally friendly packaging and avoid plastic as much as possible.

We strive for organic produce, such as our 100% organic burger patties from Danish cattle.

We are also part of The Happy Chicken project, which ensures that we can offer Danish welfare and organic chickens to our guests.

Most of the bread we use is organic, as are a large part of our vegetables.

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Human and social sustainability

It has become more difficult to attract local labor to fill waiter and chef jobs. Changing working hours and long days can be tough, and this can deter many from applying to this industry. Therefore, we have a parallel focus on attracting more locals into the restaurant industry.

We recruit large parts of our team from outside. And although we dream of getting even more local labour, we are proud and happy of our team, who know how to create stability and lift the daily operations.

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