Sustainability is about us taking responsibility
We take that responsibility on ourselves and do what we can
to reduce food waste, plastic, waste etc.

We have a constant focus on how we can do more and be better at keeping up where possible.

Environmental friendliness for the benefit of you and me - from oil boilers to district heating

The environment is burdened every day. Tons of usable food is thrown into the trash, and plastic ends up in the stomachs of our marine animals. We ourselves are challenged because we are dependent on getting fresh produce into the country by cargo ships.

This requires an environmental strategy. We have been very aware of this over the years, and we are constantly working purposefully on how to leave the smallest possible climate footprint.

When you order takeaway from us, we use environmentally friendly packaging as far as possible. At the same time, we avoid plastic in all areas where it is possible. Just as we are now replacing the old oil boiler in the building with district heating. This is in good cooperation with Nukissiorfiit.


Animal welfare is close to our hearts and our menu is based on an organic basis. This also means that as much of our produce as possible are organic.
We have therefore changed all our chicken products to organic & welfare chicken, all made from Danish chickens and we has become a part of "The Happy Chicken Project". With us, you will experience that our chicken wings, chicken nuggets, chicken burgers and sliced chicken breast are organic.

We are also switching to 100% organic Danish beef in our burgers, as well as in our chili con carne.

It is a dream we have had for a long time to be able to offer much more ecology to our customers, thereby also contributing to a green transition in our industry. It means a lot to us that we know where the product comes from, how the animals have been treated and not least what they have been fed.

We have introduced a menu with juicy burgers that are 100% organic and come from Danish cattle.

Our cheese on the burgers is an organic creamy cheddar and it's all placed in an organic buttermilk-baked brioche bun, topped with organic pickled cucumbers, thick sliced red onions and a super delicious home-made rich barbecue sauce.

In addition, we will in future serve organic crinkle cut fries (organic wave fries)

Food waste - no thanks

As a café, we play an important role in a sustainable future - and here food waste is one of the heavy problems for the climate.

Food waste is a focal point in our everyday life, and we can proudly say that we never throw food away.

In our kitchen, we make everything from scratch, and every morning we start by preparing pasta sauces, dressings, salads and everything else from our menu. But when the day starts, we also know with great accuracy how much food we have to cook.

This is because we have several years behind us and that we know our average customer flow on a daily basis. Based on this knowledge, we can prepare the right amount of food for our customers with great precision.

Human and social sustainability

With us, high food safety is a core element of our daily operations. It creates security for our customers to know that there is control of that part.

We have a very strict and comprehensive self-control program which includes several daily checks of the preparation and storage of food. This is a necessity with the flow we have in our kitchen. All new employees take part in a 3-month long training course in these processes and are only released when they are 100% trained in them. We have been tested and visited by the veterinary authorities several times and each time we are praised for our cleanliness and food handling. This is something we are very proud of and that is exactly how it should be.

Our team has been with us for many years - and therefore they are intimately familiar with our day-to-day operations, where we put a lot of effort into ensuring that safety procedures are maintained.

We recruit large parts of our team from outside. And although we dream of getting even more local labour, we are proud and happy of our team, who know how to create stability and lift the daily operations based on our quality standards.

It has become more difficult to attract local labor to fill waiter and chefjobs. Changing working hours and long days can be tough, and this can deter many from applying to this industry. Therefore, we have a parallel focus on attracting more locals into the restaurant industry. Having said that, we are deeply grateful to our external employees, who put in a lot of effort and make a huge difference to our opportunities for development and growth of our company.