Café Esmeralda

Come inside to a cozy atmosphere at Cafe Esmeralda right in the heart of Nuuk.

We focus on rich cafe dishes with lots of greens, home-made dressings, and almost everything we serve is prepared from scratch.

Every weekend we have our delicious brunch buffet, with everything you need from a nice breakfast. You can come here from 09 a.m. until it ends at 2 p.m. You can also order fried eggs and omelets as part of the buffet.

If you are not into the buffet, you can simply order from Esmeraldas menu card.

Esmeralda has been making cafe food for you since 2007

We were still living in Denmark when we could feel the homesickness getting bigger, and when we got the opportunity to open a cafe in Nuuk, it was time to go home. In March 2007, we opened the first Cafe Esmeralda upstairs in the building where Maximut is located.

Since 2007, we have run Cafe Esmeralda based on the idea of rich, rustic cafe dishes with lots of greens. Today we have more than doubled our capacity - in 2017 we moved from Maximut and into the old premises of the "rock cafe", so that we can welcome even more guests.

We are still here, where we welcome our guests inside every day.

Fresh ingredients, ecology and animal welfare on the menu

With us, it must be an experience to eat good café food - all the way around. We provide café dishes with plenty of flavor and exciting compositions based on a focus on ecology and animal welfare. Then you can at the same time enjoy yourself with a clear conscience.

In order for you to have the best dining experience with us, we ensure that we have the freshest ingredients and the crispest vegetables available in our dishes. We get them shipped in directly by ship and plane, so we are sure that the taste is from the top kitchen shelf.

Always with smiling service to serve all the tasty food. It must be a pleasant overall experience to be a guest in our café.

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