PASCUCCI – a coffeebar in the north

In the middle of the Nuuk shopping center is our coffee bar, Pascucci, with both indoor and outdoor seating.
For more than a decade, we have spoiled our guests with coffee made from the finest quality beans, roasted in the Italian mountains of Monte Cerignone.

Italian coffee roots in Greenland

In the summer of 2012, we traveled to Rimini in Italy to meet the Pascucci family, who are behind the Italian coffee roastery of the same name. The Pascucci family has operated coffee shops in Italy and offers their name as a coffee franchise brand throughout the world. It is not unusual to come across cafes around the world with the Pascucci logo, which means you can get their coffee there. We are the northernmost coffee shop under Pascucci's management. Something the Pascucci family is very proud of.

Under the southern sun, we didn't just learn in-depth about the coffee behind Pascucci, we also got to know the family. In the Pascucci family, we felt an Italian warmth of heart and responsibility for each other - they have kept the roastery in their hometown, where it creates operations and work among the 500 inhabitants.
That day we decided to take the Italian coffee roots home to Nuuk, and today we run our coffee shop based on a proud and strong collaboration with the Pascucci family.

Our understanding of coffee is based on our close relationship with the Italian family and rests on the Italian coffee and barista training we use today to brew coffee with plenty of flavor.

In the summer of 2022, our own Irene, who is a barista with us here in Nuuk, was in Rimini and took an extra school stay with Eddie, who is Pascucci's super barista. Here she took home completely new techniques together with a lot of good experiences at Pascucci in Italy. Pascucci coffee is, among other things, made from beans from 200 Haitian coffee farmers who grow them organically under Fair Trade classification.

Delicious organic burgers, sourdough sandwiches, hearty breakfast, freshly squeezed juice and luxury coffee

From our small kitchen, we prepare juicy luxury burgers based on fresh ingredients and with a focus on ecology and animal welfare.

We always have delicious cakes, croissants and sandwiches ready to serve.

Welcome to Pascucci's northernmost coffee shop.

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